Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time for updates

I guess it has been a while since I updated this blog. Shame on me! My friend, Rachel, puts a bug in my ear every now and then to get moving on it. It is certainly a white Christmas here and lately it has been in the minus twenties with the windchill (celcius) which is pretty cold especially considering it has been fairly mild all Fall. The kids are off school now as of today and the holiday shopping is all done, at least on my part but hubby is another story. He tends to be a last minute shopper. He is working tonight and the boy is out overnight with friends which means I had the house to myself and could wrap. We are heading to the cottage for most of the holidays which will be peaceful and fun because there is no tv which means we will play lots of games together, visit together and relax. Gotta love that. Plus I will get some quality time with my latest book recently published by Diana Gabaldon, a sequel to the Outlander series. I just love the story and the history in it. We don't have internet access at the cottage so it will be another while before I can update again but I'll try to write again before we go. There will be lots to report on after the weekend.

For all you Survivor fans, the finale is coming up this weekend. We expect a living room full of fans and lots of goodies to finish off what has been a really good season. Yes, I am still in the pool but barely!! Hoping to win the mulah!

Happy Holidays to all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its what I call my birthday week, which means my birthday falls on a day this week. Lets just say its a significant birthday this year which is why I'm glad to be a November baby, haha.

So along with a significant birthday come lots of different thoughts; one being, "do I have wrinkles yet??????" ahhhhh wrinkles? so I checked....ok so here are the eyes :

Here are the eyes when I grin:

So I guess we can call them laughing lines and yes, I still have freckles. So did my grandma.

My very very close friend Rachel sent me a beautiful quilt with a matching pillow cover for my significant birthday. Here is a picture of it:

Having been involved in skiing professionally for many years, the theme is really appropriate! Really really nice and a lot of work went into that. Its awesome. Not only that but she did the most beautiful write up on her blog about the long friendship that we have had. I had many tears in my eyes when I read that, it was sooo thoughtful and very real.

What else is new? hmmm, Levi is getting big now and looking more like a cat even though he is only 5 months. He is still very beautiful though. Loulou has now become the 'grown up' of the cats in our family. Pretending to not want so much loving but secretly loving every second of attention! She loves Levi too, except when he steals her chairs. She gets quite annoyed at him but still sleeps with her arm around him!

Medically is another story. I have not updated that part of my life story in a while. Lets just say that I have actually been doing better in the last few weeks and I'll update that this coming week in more detail.

Well, that is all for now. Hope you all enjoy your significant birthdays and celebrate all the ones that follow just because you get to have them, good reason to celebrate eh?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Growing Kids

My baby is graduating from high school this year. He and his first cousin whom he is very close to. So graduation stuff has already started, year book orders, ring orders, pictures,etc. all that good stuff. While we have had professional photos done of him, my sister and I decided to take some pics of the kids together for our family. So we got the camera out at the camp one day and did a few candid shots, which have not been touched up yet but here are a few:

Are they good looking kids or what? Of course, I am biased! While I am happy for him and his achievements, I must admit it is a bit sad to think of him almost through with school. I had to tease him a few days ago, he actually had his first cavity filled at the dentist, his dad thought it would be great to put in his baby book!!! Of course, he has not completely decided his next course of action, I think he is considering several options. When the time comes I will really miss my little buddy who chats with me when we are alone, rubs my back when I feel really sick and still kisses mom goodnight. (but don't tell anyone). Tell me again, why do they grow up?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Lately I have taken a real interest in aromatherapy. I have invested in several essential oils and have been making household, health and bath products. Its wonderful and healthy and natural and fun! I recently adventured to make my own lip balm. Not knowing if it would be a success or a total bomb that wasted a bunch of ingredients! Mr. Hubby and I were pleasantly surprised at how nice it is, it is soft but not greasy and feels really good, smells good, moisturizes and protects. If I get enough replies I might even share the recipe!!! Here is what they look like.
Of course, it made more than 5. I had 10 of these and the recipe could have filled 20 or so. So as a result I have one MEGA size lip balm because I had to find a container to put the rest of the recipe in! haha. Next time I will have actual lip balm tubes. I ordered them already, they were reallly cheap. I don't know why I didn't do that the first time! Live and learn I guess. These ones have a slight mint scent/taste but you can make it any scent/flavor you like really.

I really like some of the health remedies you can find recipes for too. I started this by looking up an illness in a health guide that we keep at home and it was recommending essential oils for certain remedies and also some home remedy teas. This perked my interest and I thought it was a great idea to know what things there are out there besides another bottle of 'crap' from the pharmacy. At least thats what it feels like at times. So, I am having fun experimenting and looking up information (there is still safety to consider).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Spirit List

A friend of mine challenged me to make a Spirit List. A list of items you want to do in the short term or accomplish in life. I loved reading hers and so here is mine:

  • Someday have a lead role in my Gilbert and Sullivan group, I had a solo once but I got really sick before our live performance and wasn't able to sing :(
  • Travel to Europe, and especially Scotland
  • Learn to play the piano really well
  • Get well enough to be very active again and feel attractive again
  • Vacation in Hawaii at least once
  • Have a house cleaner!
  • Be able to go out with Rachel on those times when you want to do something with your friends
  • Go across the Rockies on a motorbike with Dana and have adventures.
  • Have a lovely daughter-in-law that I can be close to
  • Have grandchildren that are close that I can love and spoil and then send home.
  • Have great-grandchildren
  • Have a better relationship with my daughter
  • Ski again and better than I did before.
  • Own a resort or adventure park.
  • When I die I want people to remember only a lot of good things about me.
Well thats good for now. Ha ha. There can always be more.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh Buddy Oh Pal

So Levi has discovered himself a new pal. Yep, Loulou finally caved and decided that he is not so bad after all! Here are the best pals here:

Not only did Loulou decide that it was ok to be buddies but that she was going to take on the role of the new mommy too. AND its bath time:

Once bath time is over its time for a nap with your new favorite teddy bear:

Guess that new baby wasn't so bad after all! It only took a little over a week for her to come around. We are all one big happy family once again! Oh, and if you are wondering, yes Loulou has pink nail caps. They keep her from scratching the furniture not to mention they make her look fabulous!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ooh Baby Baby

So we have a new family member.

His name is Levi. Yes, he is adorable but what a handful! Levi is 7 weeks old but eats well, uses the litter box, and bathes(good signs) but I think he still misses mamma a little bit, and has attached that missing to me! See those big eyes, they make you melt and pick him up every time he looks up at you and cries! He has two tiny little gray spots on top of his head like an extra set of eyes and a very pink nose. He scratches at my legs to get picked up and won't fall asleep anywhere except on my chest or curled into my neck where he licks with that rough little tongue that tickles to death. Spoiled already. I have to close my bedroom door at night to keep him off the bed (hubby is allergic to the long hair). If the door isn't closed he is relentless at climbing on the bed to get to me.

How is Loulou managing you ask? Well the previously only baby in the house had her nose out of joint for sure. She hissed and growled at him AND ME for the first day. She refused to use the litter box for a day and used my son's bed instead, and she wouldn't sleep with me which she usually does! Now that it is day 4 she has started using the litter box again, stopped hissing at me and lets me pick her up again, AND she is actually trying to play with the kitten, that is as long as she doesn't think I'm watching. When I'm there she pretends to slink about like a cougar and be all ticked off! It is actually really funny. Levi doesn't know what to think of her! One minute she's a bitch and the next minute she is fun and games. I look forward to next week when she loves him and keeps him busy more. I'll let you know how it goes. We are spending the week at the cottage with the two of them so the next kitty update will be after Labor Day Weekend.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roommate Go Round

Getting back to the Ail-Ements story, we are now at the start of a roommate merry-go-round. Roommate no. 1, let’s call her Ms. Fraudster. Apparently she was having some heart trouble which is not good but every time the nurse or doctor came in the room everything was worse and she would outright even lie to them. She would be doing or saying one thing in the room and then as soon as she was checked on it would be the exact opposite or three times worse. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t faking her heart trouble, pretty hard to do that I think but this just seemed to be a lady who thrived on the attention I guess. Hubby and I would outright laugh at times, you could not help it. After a while I just had to tell the nurses what was going on because I was actually worried she might be getting stuff she didn’t really need and would hurt her. I felt bad for the nurses, they needed to give her medication once by IV as a fairly urgent matter and they needed to put the IV in her hand because of her vein situation and that was just not going to happen. Three separate nurses had to make the attempt to get this IV in her hand, it was outrageous the fuss this grown woman made over this needle. The screaming, the crying, the number of people needed in the room to accomplish the task, all over one needle. You think she would have been more worried about the fact that she needed the medication urgently for her heart but no way, it was the stupid needle. Jeesh, I was getting different IVs and needles every 2 – 4 hours to the point where they had to install what they call a butterfly which is a needle they just leave in under the skin for up to 3 days at a time and continue to use that to insert the medication needles. She left after a few days, the ending up transferring her to another city. The nurses' gossip station talked about that episode for a few days afterward for sure! That was roommate no. 1.

Friday, July 31, 2009


So I decided to try some new creative outlets. I bought some chalk pastels a couple of weeks ago and have been playing with them. I promised my friend I would post some of my beginner work so here goes....I'm being brave here so no laughing aloud!!! The colors are not that good in the photos for some reason but the chalks are brilliant in color.

I like the idea of dragons or mythical creatures. Here is my dragon.

Trees on a winter night.



I did a few cartoonish fishy ones for my son! Here is a whale, mermaid and underwater mishmash

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loon Story Update

I received several comments on the Loon story I posted a while ago so I thought I would give an update. Since our baby loon 'save' story a new predator has moved into the area, namely an eagle. Mrs. Eagle (I am assuming the females hunt) has seen fit to not only swoop up our baby but one of its parents also. This is very sad because we have had this loon couple, the only loon couple on the lake, for several years. The other loon parent has gone into hiding, we can still hear it sing early in the dawn but have not seen it in the open and its song is forlorn. I understand they mate for life so I don't know what we will have in store next year for loons on the lake. The Eagle however has found prime hunting ground and must have a nest nearby as it swooped into our beach and scooped up a huge frog, only feet away from us. Amazing to watch life at work. Yesterday I watched as Mrs. Eagle seemed to be simply playing on the wind, simply soaring and hardly flapping a wing but soaring higher and higher until she was barely visible she was so high. Sorry no pictures, I missed the Kodak moment. Anyway, this is my tribute to the loon family. We'll miss your beauty.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hi Friends,

Hubby is wanting to spend time at the camp so I will be off-line for a week or two. Sorry. I promise to have lots of blog info ready to post as soon as I have an internet connection. There is so much more to the story, I'm going to have blog withdrawl by the time I get back!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello Fellow Scrapbook Enthusiasts. Here is another enthusiast with a giveaway and a great blog. Check it out.

On the Move

Dr. Ann came back and said that she could do no further testing for me… WHAT?? Hubby gave her the ‘look’ and said, “what do you mean you can’t do anymore tests for her????” Here I was sick as a dog and they can’t do anymore tests? Huh? Oh boy. We had not even seen the obgyn again nor the internal specialist. So we quoted the ER doctor’s instructions about why I was here. She left and sent the obgyn back that afternoon.

After some consideration over brochures and some q & a with the obgyn, we opted for an endometrial uterine ablation. This procedure involves inserting a wire or mesh into the uterus where it opens to touch the entire lining and then an electric current is passed through which burns out the lining. Of course you must be sure there will be no more babies in order to do this which did not pose a problem for us as I already had my tubes tied and my youngest baby is getting ready to graduate this year! I informed my obgyn of our decision.

Dr. Ann came back and said that she was cancelling my surgery because it was too much for me to take right now. WHAT AGAIN?? Part of the reason I was in the hospital was for anaemia and the surgery would correct that and still no Internal Specialist. If we delayed the surgery and I was discharged it would take up to 6 months to reschedule. I don’t think I saw Dr. Ann again after that.

She did not discharge me (and I don’t think she intended to) but they found me new accommodations upstairs on the 3rd floor in ‘family medicine’, which is the name for the ward where all the stroke patients and long term care patients wait until they can get into homes. Great, more bed alarms!!!

I am now on my fourth accommodation and it is day 5. I didn’t mention earlier that I actually had two rooms in palliative care on day two. The nurses decided to take me to the new room in the bed so I wouldn’t have to move that much. They also decided to drive the bed themselves instead of calling for the orderlies. They must have bumped every wall between the three floors. You know what they say about women drivers?! Ha Ha. Trailing alongside is hubby and my youngest with all my gear as they had now brought me some night gowns of my own and a kit bag of personal things plus all the flowers to be moved, etc. Some of it came on the bed with me. Into my new room which was no longer a private but a semi-private where you have one roommate and share a bathroom with another semi-private room. So, no privacy and 4 to a bath. Ok, not so bad I guess, at least I had the window side of the room with extra room for chairs and my choice of a locker since no one was using them. The tv is no longer free either. Bummer. I guess that is a perk if you are dying, free tv.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Little Miracle

I have the most amazing Father's Day story. I am a little slow in telling due to waiting for the arrival of photos.

Hubby and I have a cottage on a little lake that we very much enjoy. Even though it is very hard for me to travel, we try to get away at the cottage for reprieve.

This little lake has a loon couple that come back every year. This year they have one baby. Loon families are fantastic to watch. Both loons take turns carrying the baby and hunting for fish. The little baby can swim like the devil. It will even come up on the shore a little bit for a break. They nest on the water you know. Seeing one on shore is something~

Our little lake also has a small dam to maintain water levels. Right now the water is running over the dam due to the many days of rain that is accumulating water in the lake.

I am guessing that the loons tend to take their baby to the more shallow part of the lake to teach it to fish or whatever but this time they came too close to the dam and the little baby went 'plooop' right over. We realized this because the loons were screaming like crazy and trying to go over the dam only to swim back splashing crazy like with wings flapping and there was no baby in sight.

Last year this couple had two little babies and lost them both so with a little panic in my voice I prodded Hubby to go save the baby. The lake leads to a small but swift little stream which ends up in a pond in the woods. That baby could have been anywhere. After Hubby went to look for a fish net and search the stream I called in some recruits staying at the lake also, Hubby's cousin and his girlfriend who we spend a lot of time with when we are there.

While walking along the shore of the stream she heard the little peeps of the baby. When she looked down, there it was huddled by a rock on the shore. That little loon managed to swim that fast current long enough to get to the shoreline just after the dam.

Here is a picture of the baby next to the rock where it was found.

Not wanting to touch it but not having another choice since the fishing net was gone, cousin picked up the little loon, who was downy soft, walked to the other side of the dam on shore and put it in the water as mom and dad swiftly came to meet them.

Here is a picture of our cousin holding the baby to save it....

The parents did not reject it, as we feared by touching it, but greeted it happily. THE FAMILY REUNITED. Hopefully we gave that little loon another chance at making it in the world!

Here is a picture of the baby swimming to it's parents. It is hard to see and looks like a shadow but he is there.

Here is a picture of the family reunited and swimming off together.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let the Testing Begin...

Time for some more tests. The gynaecologist came to visit me regarding the anaemia and determined that there is a gynaecological reason for this. I had no idea that women are not supposed to have a period that last 7 to 11 days!!!! This gynaecologist is a woman. Cool, eh? I have had two babies, both caesarean section, and all obgyn’s have been men. This was a very pleasant change. So, we talked about some surgical procedures that I could opt for to solve this problem. These surgeries are usually elective but I didn’t have to pay for them because I had a medical reason for doing it. Kind of like boob reductions!!!!! Before any option could be further looked at I needed to have a biopsy to be sure there were no cancerous or odd problems inside the uterus.

At this point in my journey I am unable to get around without assistance due to the enormous pain it causes, not to mention drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc. So along comes the orderly with a wheel chair to take me downstairs for my test. There was some discussion with Hubby as to whether or not I could stand the ride but I bucked up and said it was fine just to get going and get it over with. I regretted that decision. Before the test even begun I was in tears with pain from sitting upright in that wheelchair.

I have had friends and family members who have undergone this biopsy before but I never knew….. pap test - shmap test. Biopsy – DIEopsy!!!! Holy sh** that hurts. She has to put an instrument up inside the uterus to remove a tissue sample. I thought that perhaps that harsh pain was super sensitivity due to the other pain but after talking with other experienced women they agree, it hurts! I must have squeezed that nurse’s hand off! By the time I got back to my room I was throwing up with pain and in tears again. I have a new appreciation for women with positive pap results

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Infamous Yarn

Well, Loulou discovered yarn! Yes, she is 2 1/2 and just discovered a ball of yarn can be a load of fun. With two front paws and a mouthful too, she gracefully ripped the entire ball to shreds and then trailed it all over the room! Who needs the expensive store-bought cat toys!!!

Thank goodness it wasn't my knitting project.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Your Comments

Hello Friends!! If you are tuning into my blog please don't forget to leave comments. On the right side you can sign up as a follower and leave me a comment so I know you are listening, I love to hear from you!!


It was pretty obvious to us that Dr. Ann was playing avoidance because she just plain did not know what to do. Next one of my nurses came in for a check up and explained that I would be moving again because they needed my room for someone actually needing palliative care. I was in that ward because they did not have another bed in a more appropriate ward. If you do not ‘fit’ into the function of their ward they don’t want to keep you because they don’t know everything they need to know to look after you. They want to put you in the ward where they can better look after you. Makes sense I guess. Now I was waiting for the next move. Flowers started coming and Get Well cards and phone calls. I did not even think of that being distracted with pain and accommodation issues. It was soooo comforting to receive warm thoughts and beautiful flowers to cheer up the room. If you happened to be one of the persons sending these wishes then a super ‘thanks’ to you

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Queen Loulou for the birds!

At my bequest Hubby hung a hummingbird feeder outside my bedroom window. Hummingbirds are so dainty and beautiful. It is a challenge to figure out if its a returning bird or a new one as some of the markings are so similar.

Loulou, who loves to perch the window sills guarding the house as our resident dog you know, discovered the new feeder. When she is in the sill it is about eye level for her. Her first reaction was a double take, leading to crouch position. Once she had her wits about her she stood up and watched intently as the little bird ate and flew away. Now she just crouches and watches happily with ears perked up. Sometimes the little birds even look at her before they leave. wow.

The humming birds even come in the rain. The feeder hangs just inside the eave of the house so it doesn't fill with rain water (a lesson we learned after having to replace the food a few times!) and spoil. One little bird perched on the plastic flower where he could reach the little yellow pistol to drink from. He shook off the rain water, looked around during the wet-free reprieve, drank some more, flicked his tiny tongue in and out, and then had company! Yup, another bird at the same time. Cool. Similar coloring, much longer beak. Answered the same or not bird dilemma. I bet the girl hummingbirds like him. " ooh look at that long beak.....think of the babies with long beaks we will have.....". I am told the prettier ones are boys.

We also have one with a very shiny red neck. I call him the redneck who always wants a free meal!!

Who knew we would have such enjoyment from a little bird feeder!!! If you don't have one I recommend it.

On the Ward

Palliative care is very interesting place! As you can probably guess there are a lot of elderly people or people with dementia and things like that. Well some of those people tend to wander, fall out of bed, etc. so they have these bed alarms that sing to notify the nurses when someone is out of bed that should not be. How many times in the middle of the night can you listen to the same nursery rhyme over and over!!!! You know some people even get naked and wander, yes, its true! AND yes, there are some dirty old men. The guys just never give up I guess, no matter what age; ha ha. It also turned out that Hubby had a friend who was visiting his mother regularly in the palliative care. So he discovered coffee and breakfast friend at the hospital. I was happy for him.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Great Project

My friend Rachel created this great little project and posted a tutorial and little contest to win on her blog. If you like sewing at all check it out at:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Checked In.

Morning comes and its time to move to a new room. A private room, yeah! So, roll along to get settled and check it out. A private bath (very good), free TV for some reason (good again), room for visitors and a white board on the wall that tells you the name of your nurse and your whereabouts in the hospital. Mine happens to be Palliative Care! Yes, where people go when they are going to die! Next thought omg there IS something really wrong with me?! panic now..... Along comes the nurse who introduces herself, administers pain meds and explains the room situation seeing the panicked look on our faces. (me and hubby that would be). Satisfaction looms on my face either from the nurse's explanation or the needle of morphine but everything is OK now.

Time to meet the Doctor number one. Number one, you ask? Yep. The nurse explained that my Dr. is on a special rotation where she and other Dr.s take turns doing hospital rounds by the week. So happens that my Dr. is not on this week and Doctor number one, or Dr. Ann lets call her, is "filling in" this week. That is interesting.

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So we meet Dr. Ann who is always in a hurry to get out of the room. It’s like she will catch something from you any minute. Comforting quality! Dr. Ann was suggesting more blood work to watch the haemoglobin and I think coordinating the consultation with the Internal Specialist. She came in about twice, maybe three times, that week and she would mention some of the blood work results very quickly in no less than 35 letter words and then resort to the running thing again. Finally I asked Hubby to coordinate his stay with the exact time she would be there so that he would understand what I was talking about and that it was not just the morphine thinking for me. Eventually he had to stand between the Doc and the door to get her to stay long enough for a question. When she spieled out the 35 letter words he said, “You know that we do not understand the terminology you are using so why not just spell it out to us in everyday English!” I think my jaw dropped on the floor but we did get some explanations. She was mostly concerned about the haemoglobin which kept falling as the week went on and talked about the possibilities of blood transfusion which we were all trying hard to avoid. So there it was. Stay tuned……

Queen Loulou

May I introduce Queen Loulou. You can see her photo on the side of this blog page. We call her the 'queen' because that is how she portrays herself.

Loulou was a Christmas present that came to me 2 years ago (2006 and yes that makes her 2 1/2). She was patiently waiting outside the door in a gift bag on Xmas eve while I exclaimed that it was not necessary to open any presents before the next day! Hubby brought the gift bag in anyway and I heard her faint mews before she even got to me! I instantly fell in love and she has been my baby ever since. Spoiled? yes. She came from a farm and we think she is part Siamese.

Well at the time we also had a Dalmatian who had been in the family for many years. Loulou grew up with the dog who rightly kept her in her place as bottom of the food chain. Eventually even the dog had to give it up and let her into her heart. Sharing water dishes, affection, and close sleeping proximity! This past winter our dog passed away and now my cat thinks she is a dog.

Loulou is a house cat. She wears those plastic claw caps to match her collar which is pink with lots of bling of course and a little bell. Nothing but flashy for the queen. She likes being a house cat. She crawls under the blankets to snuggle up to me when she is cold. Like the dog she watches out all of the windows to guard the house. You always know when someone or something is around because she runs from window to window to get the best view and you hear the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle through the house!

Well that is Loulou and I will tell you about her hilarious antics every once in a while.

Checking In

So, its check in time. The ER doc says we should keep you for a few days because if I let you go home than it will likely take you a year to get the tests you will need and to see the specialists you need to see to figure out the problem causing your pain. (The pain is abdominal, upper right quadrant). First reaction is what? a couple days? There are things to be done! Second reaction oh! Is something really that wrong? Third reaction owwww that hurts, when does the morphine kick in? Fourth reaction is when logic starts maybe he has a point and I don't have a nightie! All of these happening within a couple of split seconds!

So the ER doc explains that there is actually more than one problem on the table. First that I am severely anemic and have been for TWO years when he looked through my records which worries him, worries him? (I was only informed of a low red blood cell count a month earlier). This is probably a gynecological problem and to see the Gynecologist right away. Secondly that I will need to see an Internal Medicine specialist to figure out the pain.

Ok, you finally resolve yourself to staying over night then you are told that there are no rooms available! (There are whole sections of this hospital closed because they cannot staff them.) Now you have to sleep in the ER for the night and be monitored. Now the ER is not the quietest place to sleep but the narcotics kick in and help with that. Looking at the bright side, you get a lot of hospital gossip plus it is really interesting to hear other patients wailing out loud for something not even half as bad as what you are experiencing....there should be a room available in the morning. Off to sleep.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its the beginning....

Dear Friends,

For anyone who knows me personally you know I have embarked on a what seems like a never ending medical journey to find a diagnosis and for those of you who don't know me personally, well, now you know.

When you have a sore throat, flu, pain here or there, etc. you follow the route of going to the clinic or Dr.'s office for a routine check up with prescription and/or possibly extra test. Away you go. Its a routine you know and trust. So along comes a problem, a REAL problem, and you decide to go to the ER. When the ER Dr. tells you that you have to check in that is when whole new journey begins, an unknown journey, where the routine you know now becomes useless.

Over the next few days while you try to get your bearings you are now playing the game called 'elimination', constantly in pain, wondering if something is wrong that is really serious and wanting your own bed where your roommate is not snoring, gagging and farting!

So, I'll tell you about my journey. The funny things, the unbelievable things, the bad things will come up and maybe you will be interested in taking this journey with me. If something like this ever happens to you there will be some reference for you to draw on!

Just to let you know I may not post everyday but I will make a real effort to post at least several times a week. This of course will depend on the number of health issues happening in a given week. So, stay tuned......