Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its what I call my birthday week, which means my birthday falls on a day this week. Lets just say its a significant birthday this year which is why I'm glad to be a November baby, haha.

So along with a significant birthday come lots of different thoughts; one being, "do I have wrinkles yet??????" ahhhhh wrinkles? so I checked....ok so here are the eyes :

Here are the eyes when I grin:

So I guess we can call them laughing lines and yes, I still have freckles. So did my grandma.

My very very close friend Rachel sent me a beautiful quilt with a matching pillow cover for my significant birthday. Here is a picture of it:

Having been involved in skiing professionally for many years, the theme is really appropriate! Really really nice and a lot of work went into that. Its awesome. Not only that but she did the most beautiful write up on her blog about the long friendship that we have had. I had many tears in my eyes when I read that, it was sooo thoughtful and very real.

What else is new? hmmm, Levi is getting big now and looking more like a cat even though he is only 5 months. He is still very beautiful though. Loulou has now become the 'grown up' of the cats in our family. Pretending to not want so much loving but secretly loving every second of attention! She loves Levi too, except when he steals her chairs. She gets quite annoyed at him but still sleeps with her arm around him!

Medically is another story. I have not updated that part of my life story in a while. Lets just say that I have actually been doing better in the last few weeks and I'll update that this coming week in more detail.

Well, that is all for now. Hope you all enjoy your significant birthdays and celebrate all the ones that follow just because you get to have them, good reason to celebrate eh?