Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Spirit List

A friend of mine challenged me to make a Spirit List. A list of items you want to do in the short term or accomplish in life. I loved reading hers and so here is mine:

  • Someday have a lead role in my Gilbert and Sullivan group, I had a solo once but I got really sick before our live performance and wasn't able to sing :(
  • Travel to Europe, and especially Scotland
  • Learn to play the piano really well
  • Get well enough to be very active again and feel attractive again
  • Vacation in Hawaii at least once
  • Have a house cleaner!
  • Be able to go out with Rachel on those times when you want to do something with your friends
  • Go across the Rockies on a motorbike with Dana and have adventures.
  • Have a lovely daughter-in-law that I can be close to
  • Have grandchildren that are close that I can love and spoil and then send home.
  • Have great-grandchildren
  • Have a better relationship with my daughter
  • Ski again and better than I did before.
  • Own a resort or adventure park.
  • When I die I want people to remember only a lot of good things about me.
Well thats good for now. Ha ha. There can always be more.


  1. There's always more!

    Your list is great - it made me think about a few things I can add to mine, especially the one about having a better relationship with my daughter. Rocky times lately; but I wouldn't want to go into all that on my blog or on your comments...

    Good post, Cheryl ☺

  2. Sooooo nice to see a post from you! Love your list. I have some of the same but actually have not done my list yet.

    Have a good day.

  3. Wonderful list. I'm working on mine, in my head so far. I will post it soon, perhaps.


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