Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Internetland

Home from the camp now and back into the land of internet. We don't have internet service there, its supposed to be the place to get away from such things and spend time together. We decided to stay an extra week so we were there for 3 weeks total (since before xmas). I thought I would really miss being online but I really didn't. It was actually quite peaceful being away from the hussel-bussel or busyness of technology! Life used to be so much more simple.

The holidays were nice, family and friends and good food. I didn't spend as much time with my book as I planned but I did catch up on some scrapbooking! I had some Canada Games pictures from 2003 that needed an album and I have them almost all finished and looking good I might say! Our daughter competed that year in freestyle skiing so it was about time I got those pictures done! Just a few more odds and ends to find like newspaper clippings and its all done. This week I will have to work on my ATC Club project for January. That will be my art for the week. Its a harder theme this month for me so I will have to think hard about it.

Also it was a great time to be 'snowed in' at the camp considering I have been weaning off morphine over the last few weeks. So not having to travel anywhere or have plans was perfect timing. I am almost completely off the morphine now and should be done in around another week. That will be so great.

My boys are both teaching skiing this winter which leaves Saturdays to myself. It is weird not to be at the hill teaching with them but I decided to enjoy my day too being lazy, doing some art projects or something along those lines in the quietness. Sometimes I put an old movie on just for company in the background that I can watch or ignore, something like Gone With The Wind or Meet Me In St. Louis or another musical. Its fun.

Well, thats all for tonight, catch up some more later.