Monday, June 29, 2009


It was pretty obvious to us that Dr. Ann was playing avoidance because she just plain did not know what to do. Next one of my nurses came in for a check up and explained that I would be moving again because they needed my room for someone actually needing palliative care. I was in that ward because they did not have another bed in a more appropriate ward. If you do not ‘fit’ into the function of their ward they don’t want to keep you because they don’t know everything they need to know to look after you. They want to put you in the ward where they can better look after you. Makes sense I guess. Now I was waiting for the next move. Flowers started coming and Get Well cards and phone calls. I did not even think of that being distracted with pain and accommodation issues. It was soooo comforting to receive warm thoughts and beautiful flowers to cheer up the room. If you happened to be one of the persons sending these wishes then a super ‘thanks’ to you

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  1. You know, Cheryl, when you were first admitted to the hospital, I thought you'd be out in a couple of days. Who knew, eh? I never would have believed you'd still be undiagnosed and suffering NOW after all these months!


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