Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let the Testing Begin...

Time for some more tests. The gynaecologist came to visit me regarding the anaemia and determined that there is a gynaecological reason for this. I had no idea that women are not supposed to have a period that last 7 to 11 days!!!! This gynaecologist is a woman. Cool, eh? I have had two babies, both caesarean section, and all obgyn’s have been men. This was a very pleasant change. So, we talked about some surgical procedures that I could opt for to solve this problem. These surgeries are usually elective but I didn’t have to pay for them because I had a medical reason for doing it. Kind of like boob reductions!!!!! Before any option could be further looked at I needed to have a biopsy to be sure there were no cancerous or odd problems inside the uterus.

At this point in my journey I am unable to get around without assistance due to the enormous pain it causes, not to mention drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc. So along comes the orderly with a wheel chair to take me downstairs for my test. There was some discussion with Hubby as to whether or not I could stand the ride but I bucked up and said it was fine just to get going and get it over with. I regretted that decision. Before the test even begun I was in tears with pain from sitting upright in that wheelchair.

I have had friends and family members who have undergone this biopsy before but I never knew….. pap test - shmap test. Biopsy – DIEopsy!!!! Holy sh** that hurts. She has to put an instrument up inside the uterus to remove a tissue sample. I thought that perhaps that harsh pain was super sensitivity due to the other pain but after talking with other experienced women they agree, it hurts! I must have squeezed that nurse’s hand off! By the time I got back to my room I was throwing up with pain and in tears again. I have a new appreciation for women with positive pap results


  1. Poor Cheryl! I can't imagine what that was like for you. I hope you're not reliving it too vividly when you tell the story!

    Love you ♥

  2. I hope sharing your pain empowers you in some way, Cheryl. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Hugs to you for better news and relief from your pain very soon.

  3. I just found you through Rachel's blog. I am praying for a quick and workable diagnosis!! I will pray that the drs. will have the knowledge they need to make you feel well again soon. I have a first cousin who has started experiencing problems and no diagnosis yet. She had tests this morning that came back ok.

  4. I just found you via Rachel. She's a sweetie. So so sorry for your sickness. I am praying the find something soon to give you some relief. I too experience something very similar to what you describe, except I had my period for 86 days, yeah...they were about to have to give me blood. However, we went with a more drastic approach and had a hysterectomy. Although, I'm only 33 it was the best thing I've ever done. I do wish I could have had more kids first. I just have one. Sending thought and prayers your way.

  5. Dr. Frecker? If so....she is amazing. Have been dealing with her alot for my Mother In Law. I have had that biopsy...I agree painful. Hoping they find something for you soon....thinking of you....


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