Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Queen Loulou for the birds!

At my bequest Hubby hung a hummingbird feeder outside my bedroom window. Hummingbirds are so dainty and beautiful. It is a challenge to figure out if its a returning bird or a new one as some of the markings are so similar.

Loulou, who loves to perch the window sills guarding the house as our resident dog you know, discovered the new feeder. When she is in the sill it is about eye level for her. Her first reaction was a double take, leading to crouch position. Once she had her wits about her she stood up and watched intently as the little bird ate and flew away. Now she just crouches and watches happily with ears perked up. Sometimes the little birds even look at her before they leave. wow.

The humming birds even come in the rain. The feeder hangs just inside the eave of the house so it doesn't fill with rain water (a lesson we learned after having to replace the food a few times!) and spoil. One little bird perched on the plastic flower where he could reach the little yellow pistol to drink from. He shook off the rain water, looked around during the wet-free reprieve, drank some more, flicked his tiny tongue in and out, and then had company! Yup, another bird at the same time. Cool. Similar coloring, much longer beak. Answered the same or not bird dilemma. I bet the girl hummingbirds like him. " ooh look at that long beak.....think of the babies with long beaks we will have.....". I am told the prettier ones are boys.

We also have one with a very shiny red neck. I call him the redneck who always wants a free meal!!

Who knew we would have such enjoyment from a little bird feeder!!! If you don't have one I recommend it.


  1. I love hummingbirds. But don't try to watch the wings - you'll get dizzy!

  2. LOL.....we have several bird feeders here at our house too. Love watching them.


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