Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Move

Dr. Ann came back and said that she could do no further testing for me… WHAT?? Hubby gave her the ‘look’ and said, “what do you mean you can’t do anymore tests for her????” Here I was sick as a dog and they can’t do anymore tests? Huh? Oh boy. We had not even seen the obgyn again nor the internal specialist. So we quoted the ER doctor’s instructions about why I was here. She left and sent the obgyn back that afternoon.

After some consideration over brochures and some q & a with the obgyn, we opted for an endometrial uterine ablation. This procedure involves inserting a wire or mesh into the uterus where it opens to touch the entire lining and then an electric current is passed through which burns out the lining. Of course you must be sure there will be no more babies in order to do this which did not pose a problem for us as I already had my tubes tied and my youngest baby is getting ready to graduate this year! I informed my obgyn of our decision.

Dr. Ann came back and said that she was cancelling my surgery because it was too much for me to take right now. WHAT AGAIN?? Part of the reason I was in the hospital was for anaemia and the surgery would correct that and still no Internal Specialist. If we delayed the surgery and I was discharged it would take up to 6 months to reschedule. I don’t think I saw Dr. Ann again after that.

She did not discharge me (and I don’t think she intended to) but they found me new accommodations upstairs on the 3rd floor in ‘family medicine’, which is the name for the ward where all the stroke patients and long term care patients wait until they can get into homes. Great, more bed alarms!!!

I am now on my fourth accommodation and it is day 5. I didn’t mention earlier that I actually had two rooms in palliative care on day two. The nurses decided to take me to the new room in the bed so I wouldn’t have to move that much. They also decided to drive the bed themselves instead of calling for the orderlies. They must have bumped every wall between the three floors. You know what they say about women drivers?! Ha Ha. Trailing alongside is hubby and my youngest with all my gear as they had now brought me some night gowns of my own and a kit bag of personal things plus all the flowers to be moved, etc. Some of it came on the bed with me. Into my new room which was no longer a private but a semi-private where you have one roommate and share a bathroom with another semi-private room. So, no privacy and 4 to a bath. Ok, not so bad I guess, at least I had the window side of the room with extra room for chairs and my choice of a locker since no one was using them. The tv is no longer free either. Bummer. I guess that is a perk if you are dying, free tv.


  1. Well, good riddance to Dr Ann. What a piece of work she was!

    You have a sick sense of humour, Cheryl. haha (or is that lol?)

  2. It is a good thing you have a sense of humor because with all you've been through you need it. I will pray that the drs. figure out quickly what it is that is causing your pain and take care of it!


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