Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time for updates

I guess it has been a while since I updated this blog. Shame on me! My friend, Rachel, puts a bug in my ear every now and then to get moving on it. It is certainly a white Christmas here and lately it has been in the minus twenties with the windchill (celcius) which is pretty cold especially considering it has been fairly mild all Fall. The kids are off school now as of today and the holiday shopping is all done, at least on my part but hubby is another story. He tends to be a last minute shopper. He is working tonight and the boy is out overnight with friends which means I had the house to myself and could wrap. We are heading to the cottage for most of the holidays which will be peaceful and fun because there is no tv which means we will play lots of games together, visit together and relax. Gotta love that. Plus I will get some quality time with my latest book recently published by Diana Gabaldon, a sequel to the Outlander series. I just love the story and the history in it. We don't have internet access at the cottage so it will be another while before I can update again but I'll try to write again before we go. There will be lots to report on after the weekend.

For all you Survivor fans, the finale is coming up this weekend. We expect a living room full of fans and lots of goodies to finish off what has been a really good season. Yes, I am still in the pool but barely!! Hoping to win the mulah!

Happy Holidays to all.


  1. I LOVE having the house to myself for a night. I always think I'm going to get so much done but end up wasting time... but I don't feel guilty about it because noone else knows!

    Still have shopping to do... Monday, I'm going to the BIG mall (yuck) but I'll go early and hopefully beat the crowds.

    I've never ever watched an episode of Survivor so I don't understand the hype. But I do hope you win the pool. You could invest the 'mulah' in a plane ticket to visit me haha.

  2. So nice to see that you had a new blog post! Hope you are feeling well. Wow, wow...your cabin sounds like a really fun place to relax and enjoy family time along with reading.

    Have a great Holiday season. Stay warm and cozy!!!!


  3. just watched the finale. Thank goodness the outcome was what it was. I won't give it away in case someone has recorded it and hasn't seen it yet.


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