Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Ward

Palliative care is very interesting place! As you can probably guess there are a lot of elderly people or people with dementia and things like that. Well some of those people tend to wander, fall out of bed, etc. so they have these bed alarms that sing to notify the nurses when someone is out of bed that should not be. How many times in the middle of the night can you listen to the same nursery rhyme over and over!!!! You know some people even get naked and wander, yes, its true! AND yes, there are some dirty old men. The guys just never give up I guess, no matter what age; ha ha. It also turned out that Hubby had a friend who was visiting his mother regularly in the palliative care. So he discovered coffee and breakfast friend at the hospital. I was happy for him.

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  1. That would be entertaining, I suppose, if it wasn't so annoying to be woken up all the time! People watching!

    It's still pretty strange that they put you in palliative care. Did you ever find out why?


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