Friday, October 30, 2009

Growing Kids

My baby is graduating from high school this year. He and his first cousin whom he is very close to. So graduation stuff has already started, year book orders, ring orders, pictures,etc. all that good stuff. While we have had professional photos done of him, my sister and I decided to take some pics of the kids together for our family. So we got the camera out at the camp one day and did a few candid shots, which have not been touched up yet but here are a few:

Are they good looking kids or what? Of course, I am biased! While I am happy for him and his achievements, I must admit it is a bit sad to think of him almost through with school. I had to tease him a few days ago, he actually had his first cavity filled at the dentist, his dad thought it would be great to put in his baby book!!! Of course, he has not completely decided his next course of action, I think he is considering several options. When the time comes I will really miss my little buddy who chats with me when we are alone, rubs my back when I feel really sick and still kisses mom goodnight. (but don't tell anyone). Tell me again, why do they grow up?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Lately I have taken a real interest in aromatherapy. I have invested in several essential oils and have been making household, health and bath products. Its wonderful and healthy and natural and fun! I recently adventured to make my own lip balm. Not knowing if it would be a success or a total bomb that wasted a bunch of ingredients! Mr. Hubby and I were pleasantly surprised at how nice it is, it is soft but not greasy and feels really good, smells good, moisturizes and protects. If I get enough replies I might even share the recipe!!! Here is what they look like.
Of course, it made more than 5. I had 10 of these and the recipe could have filled 20 or so. So as a result I have one MEGA size lip balm because I had to find a container to put the rest of the recipe in! haha. Next time I will have actual lip balm tubes. I ordered them already, they were reallly cheap. I don't know why I didn't do that the first time! Live and learn I guess. These ones have a slight mint scent/taste but you can make it any scent/flavor you like really.

I really like some of the health remedies you can find recipes for too. I started this by looking up an illness in a health guide that we keep at home and it was recommending essential oils for certain remedies and also some home remedy teas. This perked my interest and I thought it was a great idea to know what things there are out there besides another bottle of 'crap' from the pharmacy. At least thats what it feels like at times. So, I am having fun experimenting and looking up information (there is still safety to consider).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Spirit List

A friend of mine challenged me to make a Spirit List. A list of items you want to do in the short term or accomplish in life. I loved reading hers and so here is mine:

  • Someday have a lead role in my Gilbert and Sullivan group, I had a solo once but I got really sick before our live performance and wasn't able to sing :(
  • Travel to Europe, and especially Scotland
  • Learn to play the piano really well
  • Get well enough to be very active again and feel attractive again
  • Vacation in Hawaii at least once
  • Have a house cleaner!
  • Be able to go out with Rachel on those times when you want to do something with your friends
  • Go across the Rockies on a motorbike with Dana and have adventures.
  • Have a lovely daughter-in-law that I can be close to
  • Have grandchildren that are close that I can love and spoil and then send home.
  • Have great-grandchildren
  • Have a better relationship with my daughter
  • Ski again and better than I did before.
  • Own a resort or adventure park.
  • When I die I want people to remember only a lot of good things about me.
Well thats good for now. Ha ha. There can always be more.