Friday, October 30, 2009

Growing Kids

My baby is graduating from high school this year. He and his first cousin whom he is very close to. So graduation stuff has already started, year book orders, ring orders, pictures,etc. all that good stuff. While we have had professional photos done of him, my sister and I decided to take some pics of the kids together for our family. So we got the camera out at the camp one day and did a few candid shots, which have not been touched up yet but here are a few:

Are they good looking kids or what? Of course, I am biased! While I am happy for him and his achievements, I must admit it is a bit sad to think of him almost through with school. I had to tease him a few days ago, he actually had his first cavity filled at the dentist, his dad thought it would be great to put in his baby book!!! Of course, he has not completely decided his next course of action, I think he is considering several options. When the time comes I will really miss my little buddy who chats with me when we are alone, rubs my back when I feel really sick and still kisses mom goodnight. (but don't tell anyone). Tell me again, why do they grow up?


  1. Where is he thinking about going to school? Or is he thinking about going straight into the job world? I hope it isn't too far away.

  2. Great photos. Jamie's so grown up now. sigh. I remember the first picture you ever sent me of him - in his fuzzy pajamas. Where DOES the time go? That's Ariel, right? I can't believe how much she looks like Karen!

  3. What nice photos. Those kids (and grandkids) do grow up so fast. But, I love and am so proud of my two and so enjoying watching them enjoy adult life.

    Sounds like you and Jamie are very close. That is so nice and will continue forever!

    Have a nice weekend.


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