Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loon Story Update

I received several comments on the Loon story I posted a while ago so I thought I would give an update. Since our baby loon 'save' story a new predator has moved into the area, namely an eagle. Mrs. Eagle (I am assuming the females hunt) has seen fit to not only swoop up our baby but one of its parents also. This is very sad because we have had this loon couple, the only loon couple on the lake, for several years. The other loon parent has gone into hiding, we can still hear it sing early in the dawn but have not seen it in the open and its song is forlorn. I understand they mate for life so I don't know what we will have in store next year for loons on the lake. The Eagle however has found prime hunting ground and must have a nest nearby as it swooped into our beach and scooped up a huge frog, only feet away from us. Amazing to watch life at work. Yesterday I watched as Mrs. Eagle seemed to be simply playing on the wind, simply soaring and hardly flapping a wing but soaring higher and higher until she was barely visible she was so high. Sorry no pictures, I missed the Kodak moment. Anyway, this is my tribute to the loon family. We'll miss your beauty.


  1. Amazing to see this happening. My sister and I drove into the driveway last evening and a momma deer and her fawn were under our apple tree. They just looked at us and kept eating. They are used to use so we don't scare them. We have woods and a pond behind us so the deer are around quite often.

  2. That's so sad. Have you seen any of the remaining babies around?


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