Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roommate Go Round

Getting back to the Ail-Ements story, we are now at the start of a roommate merry-go-round. Roommate no. 1, let’s call her Ms. Fraudster. Apparently she was having some heart trouble which is not good but every time the nurse or doctor came in the room everything was worse and she would outright even lie to them. She would be doing or saying one thing in the room and then as soon as she was checked on it would be the exact opposite or three times worse. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t faking her heart trouble, pretty hard to do that I think but this just seemed to be a lady who thrived on the attention I guess. Hubby and I would outright laugh at times, you could not help it. After a while I just had to tell the nurses what was going on because I was actually worried she might be getting stuff she didn’t really need and would hurt her. I felt bad for the nurses, they needed to give her medication once by IV as a fairly urgent matter and they needed to put the IV in her hand because of her vein situation and that was just not going to happen. Three separate nurses had to make the attempt to get this IV in her hand, it was outrageous the fuss this grown woman made over this needle. The screaming, the crying, the number of people needed in the room to accomplish the task, all over one needle. You think she would have been more worried about the fact that she needed the medication urgently for her heart but no way, it was the stupid needle. Jeesh, I was getting different IVs and needles every 2 – 4 hours to the point where they had to install what they call a butterfly which is a needle they just leave in under the skin for up to 3 days at a time and continue to use that to insert the medication needles. She left after a few days, the ending up transferring her to another city. The nurses' gossip station talked about that episode for a few days afterward for sure! That was roommate no. 1.

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  1. How can you get well with all that going on!?!


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