Thursday, June 4, 2009

Queen Loulou

May I introduce Queen Loulou. You can see her photo on the side of this blog page. We call her the 'queen' because that is how she portrays herself.

Loulou was a Christmas present that came to me 2 years ago (2006 and yes that makes her 2 1/2). She was patiently waiting outside the door in a gift bag on Xmas eve while I exclaimed that it was not necessary to open any presents before the next day! Hubby brought the gift bag in anyway and I heard her faint mews before she even got to me! I instantly fell in love and she has been my baby ever since. Spoiled? yes. She came from a farm and we think she is part Siamese.

Well at the time we also had a Dalmatian who had been in the family for many years. Loulou grew up with the dog who rightly kept her in her place as bottom of the food chain. Eventually even the dog had to give it up and let her into her heart. Sharing water dishes, affection, and close sleeping proximity! This past winter our dog passed away and now my cat thinks she is a dog.

Loulou is a house cat. She wears those plastic claw caps to match her collar which is pink with lots of bling of course and a little bell. Nothing but flashy for the queen. She likes being a house cat. She crawls under the blankets to snuggle up to me when she is cold. Like the dog she watches out all of the windows to guard the house. You always know when someone or something is around because she runs from window to window to get the best view and you hear the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle through the house!

Well that is Loulou and I will tell you about her hilarious antics every once in a while.


  1. How cute! She certainly is royalty. She might think she's a dog, but be thankful she doesn't bark like one!

    Did you try to scheduled post thingy? Did it work?



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