Thursday, June 4, 2009

Checking In

So, its check in time. The ER doc says we should keep you for a few days because if I let you go home than it will likely take you a year to get the tests you will need and to see the specialists you need to see to figure out the problem causing your pain. (The pain is abdominal, upper right quadrant). First reaction is what? a couple days? There are things to be done! Second reaction oh! Is something really that wrong? Third reaction owwww that hurts, when does the morphine kick in? Fourth reaction is when logic starts maybe he has a point and I don't have a nightie! All of these happening within a couple of split seconds!

So the ER doc explains that there is actually more than one problem on the table. First that I am severely anemic and have been for TWO years when he looked through my records which worries him, worries him? (I was only informed of a low red blood cell count a month earlier). This is probably a gynecological problem and to see the Gynecologist right away. Secondly that I will need to see an Internal Medicine specialist to figure out the pain.

Ok, you finally resolve yourself to staying over night then you are told that there are no rooms available! (There are whole sections of this hospital closed because they cannot staff them.) Now you have to sleep in the ER for the night and be monitored. Now the ER is not the quietest place to sleep but the narcotics kick in and help with that. Looking at the bright side, you get a lot of hospital gossip plus it is really interesting to hear other patients wailing out loud for something not even half as bad as what you are experiencing....there should be a room available in the morning. Off to sleep.

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  1. Big surprise for you, eh? You thought you were just going to be checked, maybe a few tests... What's the lesson here - always carry a nightie in your car? haha. Good thing you have a sense of humour!


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