Monday, July 6, 2009

A Little Miracle

I have the most amazing Father's Day story. I am a little slow in telling due to waiting for the arrival of photos.

Hubby and I have a cottage on a little lake that we very much enjoy. Even though it is very hard for me to travel, we try to get away at the cottage for reprieve.

This little lake has a loon couple that come back every year. This year they have one baby. Loon families are fantastic to watch. Both loons take turns carrying the baby and hunting for fish. The little baby can swim like the devil. It will even come up on the shore a little bit for a break. They nest on the water you know. Seeing one on shore is something~

Our little lake also has a small dam to maintain water levels. Right now the water is running over the dam due to the many days of rain that is accumulating water in the lake.

I am guessing that the loons tend to take their baby to the more shallow part of the lake to teach it to fish or whatever but this time they came too close to the dam and the little baby went 'plooop' right over. We realized this because the loons were screaming like crazy and trying to go over the dam only to swim back splashing crazy like with wings flapping and there was no baby in sight.

Last year this couple had two little babies and lost them both so with a little panic in my voice I prodded Hubby to go save the baby. The lake leads to a small but swift little stream which ends up in a pond in the woods. That baby could have been anywhere. After Hubby went to look for a fish net and search the stream I called in some recruits staying at the lake also, Hubby's cousin and his girlfriend who we spend a lot of time with when we are there.

While walking along the shore of the stream she heard the little peeps of the baby. When she looked down, there it was huddled by a rock on the shore. That little loon managed to swim that fast current long enough to get to the shoreline just after the dam.

Here is a picture of the baby next to the rock where it was found.

Not wanting to touch it but not having another choice since the fishing net was gone, cousin picked up the little loon, who was downy soft, walked to the other side of the dam on shore and put it in the water as mom and dad swiftly came to meet them.

Here is a picture of our cousin holding the baby to save it....

The parents did not reject it, as we feared by touching it, but greeted it happily. THE FAMILY REUNITED. Hopefully we gave that little loon another chance at making it in the world!

Here is a picture of the baby swimming to it's parents. It is hard to see and looks like a shadow but he is there.

Here is a picture of the family reunited and swimming off together.


  1. That is the most heartwarming story. I almost have tears in my eyes (almost... you know I'm no softie).

    Great photos, too!

  2. Awwww... I have tears in my eyes after reading this touching story. How are you?

  3. Awww.....what a wonderful ending to the story. Thanks for sharing and I loved the pictures!


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