Friday, November 19, 2010

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Greetings my friends!

I am back to the land of blog! I figure this was the opportune time to reinstate my blog with the recent setup of my new 'studio' area in the house for my creativity! So, its actually a creativity center.

My husband and I have decided to do some update work on our house lately. About 15 years ago we purchased a small cottage and have been putting most of our extra resources and work into that but now its time to focus on the house again. Recently (3 days ago) we bit the bullet and put a new roof on. We added a new over-the-oven microwave which includes the vent and light for the stove...very nice...and in the process of installing it we damaged the ceramic top on our stove so had to replace the stove (not planned but nice for me, ha ha). We also installed a little flat screen tv in the kitchen (a luxury) and now I love cooking in my kitchen again! There are other rooms on our list also but back to the studio....

I don't have an entire room in the house for my use but we have a family room in our basement that had some extra space so I took over one side of the room to organize my things like sewing supplies, painting supplies, scrapbooking stuff, card making, knitting, etc. I figure if the guys can have a garage or workshop for their stuff then why not have my own work area? The area is actually in a corner because it is located at the bottom of the stairs. I am happy that I can actually have a full size table there to work on now; I like to spread out! This was my birthday present for 2010. Here are a few photos of my endeavour:

The lower pic is an overview of the whole sewing machine is out in this photo but I store it in the background on the smaller shelve (you can see the case for it there). Also, this is the one room in our basement that does not have a window so I put up the mirrors to reflect light and dress it up a little. I thought about putting curtains on them to mimic windows put have not gone that far yet! I do intend to cover my chair in a navy color to match some of my fabric boxes in the cubicles. The coat tree is holding a couple of my current sewing projects, other sewing projects I have cut out but not sewn yet I keep in freezer bags with everything together in it in one of the fabric boxes.

While scanning other sewing/crafting room ideas on the internet I discovered an article about folding your fabrics in order to store them more easily so here are my fabrics....I don't store them by color, I store them by size or the amount of fabric but they look pretty tidy I think!

My cats are very intrigued by these cubicles...they love baskets! Everytime I went to fill a new basket I would find one cat or the other! It was cute.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions out there? I would love to hear them....


  1. It's great! You have created a very nice space for yourself. I bet you love spending time there now.

    Good to see you back in the Land of Blog (love that)!


  2. Your creative area looks great, Cheryl. I like those cubicles and how everything is so organized and has its own place. You're lucky to have a designated area for crafting ... I'm using the dining room table for now, so it always seems to be covered with supplies.

  3. It's so great! It's so nice to have everything in one area.The cubes are perfect. My stuff is all over! Maybe I'll get my craft room next year!
    Deb :)


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