Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its the beginning....

Dear Friends,

For anyone who knows me personally you know I have embarked on a what seems like a never ending medical journey to find a diagnosis and for those of you who don't know me personally, well, now you know.

When you have a sore throat, flu, pain here or there, etc. you follow the route of going to the clinic or Dr.'s office for a routine check up with prescription and/or possibly extra test. Away you go. Its a routine you know and trust. So along comes a problem, a REAL problem, and you decide to go to the ER. When the ER Dr. tells you that you have to check in that is when whole new journey begins, an unknown journey, where the routine you know now becomes useless.

Over the next few days while you try to get your bearings you are now playing the game called 'elimination', constantly in pain, wondering if something is wrong that is really serious and wanting your own bed where your roommate is not snoring, gagging and farting!

So, I'll tell you about my journey. The funny things, the unbelievable things, the bad things will come up and maybe you will be interested in taking this journey with me. If something like this ever happens to you there will be some reference for you to draw on!

Just to let you know I may not post everyday but I will make a real effort to post at least several times a week. This of course will depend on the number of health issues happening in a given week. So, stay tuned......